In meteorology, a cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are characterized by inward spiraling winds that rotate about a zone of low pressure. The largest low-pressure systems are polar vortices and extratropical cyclones of the largest scale (the synoptic scale). Warm-core cyclones such as tropical cyclones and subtropical cyclones also lie within the synoptic scale. Mesocyclones, tornadoes, and dust devils lie within smaller mesoscale. Upper level cyclones can exist without the presence of a surface low, and can pinch off from the base of the tropical upper tropospheric trough during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. Cyclones have also been seen on extraterrestrial planets, such as Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. Cyclogenesis is the process of cyclone formation and intensification. Extratropical cyclones begin as waves in large regions of enhanced mid-latitude temperature contrasts called baroclinic zones. These zones contract and form weather fronts as the cyclonic circulation closes and intensifies. Later in their life cycle, extratropical cyclones occlude as cold air masses undercut the warmer air and become cold core systems. A cyclone's track is guided over the course of its 2 to 6 day life cycle by the steering flow of the subtropical jet stream.
Weather fronts mark the boundary between two masses of air of different temperature, humidity, and densities, and are associated with the most prominent meteorological phenomena. Strong cold fronts typically feature narrow bands of thunderstorms and severe weather, and may on occasion be preceded by squall lines or dry lines. Such fronts form west of the circulation center and generally move from west to east; warm fronts form east of the cyclone center and are usually preceded by stratiform precipitation and fog. Warm fronts move poleward ahead of the cyclone path. Occluded fronts form late in the cyclone life cycle near the center of the cyclone and often wrap around the storm center.
Tropical cyclogenesis describes the process of development of tropical cyclones. Tropical cyclones form due to latent heat driven by significant thunderstorm activity, and are warm core. Cyclones can transition between extratropical, subtropical, and tropical phases. Mesocyclones form as warm core cyclones over land, and can lead to tornado formation. Waterspouts can also form from mesocyclones, but more often develop from environments of high instability and low vertical wind shear. In the Atlantic and the northeastern Pacific oceans, a tropical cyclone is generally referred to as a hurricane (from the name of the ancient Central American deity of wind, Huracan), in the Indian and south Pacific oceans it is called a cyclone, and in the northwestern Pacific it is called a typhoon.
The growth of instability in the vortices is not universal. For example, the size, intensity, moist-convection, surface evaporation, the value of potential temperature at each potential height can affect the nonlinear evolution of a vortex.

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    Cyclone NO TP - USB ONLY Rooting for Lumia 800, 800C Released ;)

    - Added WORLD FIRST, USB ONLY, NO TP ROOTING FOR RM-801 LUMIA 800 - Added WORLD FIRST, USB ONLY, NO TP ROOTING FOR RM-802 LUMIA 800C All NOKIA DLOAD OSBL loaders are supported (even latest one!) Instructions: 1. Run Cyclone, it will be auto-updated 2. Update your Box Firmware to v2.20 3...
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    Cyclone NO TP - USB ONLY Rooting for Lumia 800, 800C Released ;)

    - Added WORLD FIRST, USB ONLY, NO TP ROOTING FOR RM-801 LUMIA 800 - Added WORLD FIRST, USB ONLY, NO TP ROOTING FOR RM-802 LUMIA 800C All NOKIA DLOAD OSBL loaders are supported (even latest one!) Instructions: 1. Run Cyclone, it will be auto-updated 2. Update your Box Firmware to v2.20 3...
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    !! BREAKING News!! NaviFirm is back !! Cyclone update !!

    Hi sweeties I guess your life been much worser last days isn't it ? No NaviFirm, is like not having RIGHT hand .... Where from get your firmwares? How to work? How to life ??!! But of course Cyclone ALWAYS have solution to THEIR customers.. yes... WORKING navifirm is now updated and...
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    when cyclone box update

    to Cyclone Team...when cyclone box update ????? it's so long from last update...
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    plz give me Cyclone Box letast setup plzzz help me

    plz give me Cyclone Box letast setup plzzz help me
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    c5.00 phone start up failed contact retailer Done With Cyclone

    Delete Default File C5-00 V71
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    nokia 110 flash successfully with cyclone done

    nokia 110 flash successfully with cyclone done Establishing Connection with Box in Main Mode... Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic] Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic] Initializing box... Box Firmware: Cyclone Main...
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    Cyclone v1.0.1.684 Released, One-click FREE Simlock CS Repair for XGold213 Added!!

    Hi to all, Cyclone v1.0.1.684 - Added FIRST IN THE WORLD, FREE One-Click Contact Service repair for XGold213 Based Phones. No need to buy RPL! Just click, and in 1 second your CS will go (if CS cause is bad simlock, and reason of this is NCK reset by free softs). - Memory fragmentation...
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    Cyclone Box Installer v1.12 Released

    Cyclone Box Installer v1.21 Released
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    Cyclone Box Installer v1.21 Released

    Hi to all, new Installer for Cyclone Box is ready to download. What's new? Where from download? ALWAYS FRESH installer you can get at: Uninstalling old version is RECOMMENDED before installing this one, however not ordinary. You don't need to...
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    Cyclone Box USB 3.0 Bootloader v3.00 Released

    Hi, new Bootloader for Cyclone Box is ready! What's new? - Built from scratch - More startup stability - Much better smartcard initialization routines - 2x faster (previous boot main fw update - ~20secs, new one ~11secs) - USB 3.0 Compatibility == 4x faster from Initial Bootloader! Upgrade box...
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    Cyclone Box Firmware v01.89 Released

    Hi, new Firmware for Cyclone Box Classic was just uploaded to server. Firmware: Cyclone Nokia/Blackberry Application v01.89, (Mar 29 2012 16:06:54, gcc v4.3.3, RTOS V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2011 Added support for new Blackberry MEPs: MEP-09292-009...
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    Cyclone Box Iphone/Ipad Imei Analyzer

    How to update? Run Cyclone Box Software, and autoupdate module will download necessary files. On failure, you can download new exe manually from place it at C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box A little note for the Cyclone users: This is a free add on given...
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    Cyclone Box Free and Standalone XGold213 Unlocking Released

    Added hash reading for LBF for XGold213 based phones. Operation is free, quick and standalone. And now best, you don't need to know phone CPU platform. Just select USB connection, go to BB5 tab, click good old "Read LBF Data" button, and Cyclone will AUTOMATICALLY detect if this is xgold213...
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    Cyclone BOMB AGAIN, Nokia 100/101/102 Unlock Added!

    Hi to all! New BOMB Update for Cyclone Box is ready Again!! What's new ?? - Added support for unlock by LBF read for latest XGold113 Nokia Phones, this is Nokia 100, 101, 102, again WORLD FIRST - Latest XGold110/113 phones is also supported to full RPL Read (IMEI + Simlock), so afterwards...
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    Cyclone Bomb, Nokia X1-00 / X1-01 Unlock Added

    Hi, new update for Cyclone Box is released. What's new? - Added support for LBF data read for new XGold110 based phones, this is X1-00, X1-01, absolutly WORLD FIRST - Nokia X1-00, X1-01, 100, 101, 102 flashing added - 20 Digits is now checked upon XGold1xx Hash Read, as users reported 20 digit...
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    Black Berry 9780 Unlock done via cyclone Mep code with gguide inside

    share ko lang po para sa lahat lalo na sa mga baguhan natin....... black berry 9780 unlock done via cylone bb tool naka lock po sya sa vodafon na sim galing sa labas ng bansa Prodedure No 1 1. download po ako ng bb logger para malaman ko kung anong mep id nya kasi sa cylone nalito ako sa...
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    Cyclone Box Firmware v01.83 Released

    Hi, new firmware is uploaded to server, no need download nothing, just upgrade your box by "box maintenance" Added two world's first MEPs: MEP-09917-003 MEP-46976-002 Enjoy Cyclonebox, more to come, Cyclonebox Team
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    Cyclone Box n73 phone Start up Failed contact The Retailer

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    Cyclone box 3110c contact service