To all users of DELOK Tools

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Sep 30, 2010
Dear clients!

Thank you for purchasing our software. Before starting to use, please closely read the following reference.
Before beginning work with software, check up reliability of connecting cables and charge level of phone accumulator. In case of cable breakage or if the battery discharged in an operating time, we do not guarantee, that phone after that can be restored. Programs are written so, what is greatest possible to reduce risk at failure, but situations when will restore phone very difficultly nevertheless are possible.
Make as rule always read Flash backup from phone when you bring new model or already known model with other version of firmware and-or a language pack. The hardware of phones is constantly modernized also we not always we can react to these changes in time. You in turn, can restore if necessary phone in a former status. If phone with fiormware and-or a language package which is not given on a site has got to you, the earnest entreaty to send readed Flash backup to us on Also specify model, the information from the back label of phone under battery (IMEI, serial number...), what languages are in the menu of phone, whether is operator logo.
If the device with unknown type Flash has got to you better simply to read Flash backup, to send it to us and nothing to do with it before reception of the answer from us. Also if software read incorrect IMEI, SIM Locks or other info, but phone is fully working, please also read full flash backup before doing anything!

Access to members support area

For reception of access on support page, please send the email to in which specify serial number of dongle, where, when and from whom it has been bought, and also attach to the letter prf file. In the answer you receive a login and the password to support page, and also necessary activations.
Serial number of LPT dongle, login, password and files *.prf and *.act are the confidential information and should not disclosed. Please do not give them to anybody and do not expose on the Internet as it you help to produce clones of keys. If the similar information will be found by us, the key with found serial number will be blocked.

To users of Alcatel Service Tool

The program uses the best efforts, that in case of failure it would be possible to restore phone and
constantly read short backup from phone and save it to disk, but despite of it, new versions of models BG3 (since KR129) and BH4 (since KM183 and KM283) at present cannot be restored. Earnest entreaty to be extremely accurate with these models.

To users of Sendo Service Tool

Please be attentive, when choose a file for flashing, as in case of flashig with incorrect firmware, will be very problematic to restore phone! Always try to flash only language pack. It is more safe and faster. If at you is doubt in definition of model of the device then type (with inserted SIM card):
*#06# - the device will show IMEI
[OK] - exit back and further without mistakes (!) type
*#1594*# - the device will show the version of firmware

To users of Philips Service Tool

To find out the version of firmare from the keyboard it is possible having typed *#3825*#
In case the device badly works after flashing, type *#7728*#, and after that *#7337*# Attention! All In-Fusio games will be deleted!
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