Product Supporter
Sep 30, 2010
Some final words about the NoooX-BB5 Unlocker...

This project was not our 1st money source.
Therefore we made a very cheap but powerful box.
We invested many days, weeks, month for a good product with a perfect support.
But we sayed from the beginning... "update until all features and supported phones are free without TP"
We never made empty promises!

Now also BB5+ (RAP3G) is complete free without TP.
Now i think it´s time to close the chapter

Near all people earned money with it.

So don´t cry!
And please stop that horrible begging please!
All the time only "we want free free freeeeeee" hehe
Our live is also not free!!!!

Fact is that we are not dead!
NoooX-Team is still alive and we are working on a new project.
(btw. we don´t forget our "old" customers and resellers!)

Many thanks to all "helping hands"

Stay tuned