SL3 RPL Calculator - MTB NK v2.36.3 - MT Tool v3.20 beta RELEASED !!!

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Aug 31, 2010
SL3 RPL Calculator - MTB NK v2.36.3 - MT Tool v3.20 beta RELEASED !!!MTB NK 2.36.3 discussion thread.
Please post here all bugs and recommendations.

What's new in MTB NK v2.36.3 satup:

• SL3 RPL service started. Repaire bad imei 123456789xxxxxxxx on all SL3 phones now is available. The phone will be restored to its factory state.
• Automatically add installed data packages to models list, even if not existing in phoenix.ini ( will not show phone public name ).
• Refined search for model ( bug when search for RM-5 and it find RM-540 instead ). It still does it wrong if one types 'RM-5' in combo and press 'Enter'. This can't be fixed as it is automatically done by Windows. But if after typing 'RM-5' one presses 'Down arrow' MT will use different search algorithm and correctly find 2300.
• Added support for Life Timer resat on new models (x2, x3-02...)
Note: in order for the changes to take effect, phone needs to be restarted after operation, of factory default sattings to be executed.
• Improved 'Update' button in SL3 BForce compute. Now will show already computed codes (unlocked).
• Added common folder for Dynamic Camera config. Some users don't install full versions of flash, so they can't configure the camera after flash. To solve this, MT will look for support files in product folder, if it doesn't find, it will also look in 'camconfig' folder, where a collection of camera configuration files is stored.
MT tool v3.20
Using SL3 RPL service you can:

• Repaire imei 123456654321?
• Repaire SimLock data Failed Read...(Contact Service)
• Repaire Superdongle Key - phone turn off in 3-10 minutes,
• Repairec APE data on smartphones - Nokia logo long time

How to use SL3 ASK to RPL service:

- Download and install MTB NK 2.36.3 exe
- Start MTB NK 2.36.3
- Go to server tab and click on Delete button
- Click on Save button and enter login details: user name - boxlogin, password: boxlogin
- Connect phone to FBUS cable
- Go to Extras - Imei / ESN repair
- Press BB5 ASK BB5 button
- Software starts to boot the phone and will ask you:

Would you like to send ASK to server?
Cost is 80 credits!

- If you want to send ASK file to server press Yes button. 80 MT Box credits will be deducted from your MT box account only once per phone imei.
- If you does not want to send ASK file to server press NO.

How to check it is your RPL file ready:

- Start MTB NK 2.36.3
- Connect phone to FBUS cable
- Go to Extras - Imei / ESN repaire
- Press BB5 ASK BB5 button
- Software starts to boot the phone and will ask you:

Would you like to send ASK to servar.
Cost is 80 credits!

- Press YES button.
- Software will NOT deduct 80 credits from your account.
- Also you can check does your RPL file is ready without any credits on your MT Box account.
- If your RPL file is ready software will download it and write to phone automatically.

Important information about SL3 RPL service:

• SL3 ASK to RPL service cost 80 MT Box credits per phone
• Time for SL3 RPL calculation is up to 72 hours
• Once uploaded ASK file cant be canceled from calculation

Please note:

Posting ASK or RPL files, PHONE IMEI and PUBLIC ID on forums are STRONGLY PROHIBITED.
So please when post about your problem edit last 6 digits from phone imei, delete PUBLIC ID (RAP) from log file before post it.
Breaking this rule will cause your suport account closed and MT Box blocked for all services.
RPL files are calculated files and there CANT be any mistake in.
Once again do not upload ASK or RPL file to forum, PHONE IMEI and PUBLIC ID.

What's new in MT tool v3.20 beta:

• Fixed bug " Can't Connect to Server.123 "
• Added new button " Box Stats "

Now you can see:
• Your box update history
• MT box credits information
• Available services for your MT Box
• SL3 service status
• All your unlocked SL3 phones with codes and used credits
• All used services on MT server with prices and time
• Box credits recharge history

First run of "Box Stats" will open your default browser window and ask you to register with your name and email address.
After registration validation link will be sent to email address you enter upon registration process.
Please to all who use Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and other free email services check your Spam or Junk folder if no validation link received in 10 minutes.
Recommended browsers all except Internet Explorer (because of their rigid security sattings)

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