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Nov 9, 2010

Contact Service Problem Cause In BB5 and BB5+ Phones Due to ST_Security Failed
Can be Solved With 2 ways ..
1 : Upload PM 1 and 309 Making SX4 Authorization
2 : Writing HWC (hardware Certificate) CCC (Common Certification Cert) Data to Phone Readed from Working Same Model

So This Can Solve Phones with Problem of Contact Retailer or Contact Service After Successfull Superdongle or Simlock Repair
Here Kindly upload And Share RPL from a Working Phone So that We can make a Collection of All Known HWC CCC Data In Order to Help in Above Case.

How to Do it ..

Simple Connect Phone to MT BOX (suggested 10 pin cable for Proper and Stable Commmunication)
Press OK at TOP to see Connection Ok with Phone
Goto IMEI / ESN Tab
Press Read IMEI Backup (wait if all is Ok u will see Save Prompt With Original Phone IMEI)
Upload that RPL here With Phone Model Name Instead of IMEI Number Thats Compulsory.

Kindly Dont SPAM this Thread with Problems or Other Similer Issues Just Share the files Readed OK with Above Procedure..

Nokia 3110 classic.rpl
Nokia 5200.rpl
Nokia 5300.rpl
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.rpl
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic.rpl
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.rpl
Nokia 6120 classic.rpl
Nokia 6300.rpl
Nokia 6303 classic.rpl
Nokia 6600 fold.rpl
Nokia 7210 classic.rpl
Nokia E51.rpl
Nokia E65.rpl
Nokia E75.rpl
Nokia N81-.rpl
Nokia N97.rpl

password: khan