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Nov 9, 2010
First, let check if we have fastboot in your phone !

Fastboot is a little tool inside the bootloader. It's here to help you flash the firmware.
Not every Spreatrum phones have it, so let's check if you are lucky !

You can access it by powering on the phone up while holding a key.

First power off your phone.
Then hold some button like volume+
while pressing this button, press and hold down the power button.
Keep holding the two buttons until the screen light up.

You should now have something on your screen. Maybe a system diagnostic tool (a menu with a set of system tests, that's totally useless) or maybe the recovery mode (a screen with a warning sign, and now your phone is stuck here until you pull out the battery) or, and that means victory, a screen that says "Fastboot".

If you are not on fastboot, but are on the Recovery or the System Test, turn the phone off again and try another button press at boot time exactly like I said before.
This time, try the Home button if you have one, or the Volume-.
You should also try buttons combinations. Like volume up and down at the same time. Home + vol Up, etc and maybe the 3 at the same time ...

(if you just boot as if nothing was pressed, you maybe have to unplug the battery, wait for a while and put it back before powering the phone on. Theses things are also not working when the usb/charging cable is plugged in - if some keys combinations are not doing anything, it's perfectly fine, it means they don't trigger any hidden boot mode)

credit goes to umesh gaba
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