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Aug 1, 2013
Every time you installing software version from it will ask you to select language of UI. This function are in beta stage and most languages are translated by automated translation software. Language resources are located in EasyJtag/Languages/XX directoryies. They are .po and .mo files.

Base dictionary are located in EasyJtag/Languages/messages.pot file.

If you don't find the appropriate language file for your target language then you must copy the en.po file and rename the copy accordingly to your desired language.
The language directory names must have this format "ll", where "ll" is an ISO 639 two-letter language code (lowercase).

So let's say you want to translate to Portuguese and you have copied [en] folder to [pt]. Now you have to edit it using the world's favorite free .po editor, PoEdit (Poedit: Download).

Once you open the file you will be presented with the list of all the English strings on the left side and their translation (if present on the right). To translate simply click on a line and on the bottom of the window you can enter your translation. More info here: Poedit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Once you are done simply hit save in PoEdit and this will automatically save the .po file and generate/regenerate the .mo file (a binary file).

All done. Easy right?

TIP: If you are selected a wrong language , simple run software installer again or simply delete EasyJtagUI.cfg from software folder.

Very soon we add Easy-JTAG project to global translation UI for all Z3X software ( Projects )