Jun 15, 2016
hi friend
this is my device

i cannot connect it to the livesute program it gave me fail driver for the program and my device

i keep flashing it by phonex card program but no Roms success with me
it all fail error with screen size and touche and function
any help can you do it for me
the original Rom was missed:confused:

tablet name promedia super slim model: digitab

this is the error when i use program livesute with my computer

and this is the roms i before trying it

i install all drivers i found for it but no way the same problem still show

so I cannot. Change the computer and i try this methods (change usb port , or data cable . remove older drivers and install new one. and i do not use usb hub or extension )but it's keep fail do you now any stable Rom can i flash it by phonex card program ?
and thank you all
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