Gun Ryed

Product Supporter
Sep 30, 2010
As it was mentioned few months ago support for Delok dongles (Philips, Maxon, Sendo) was stopped because of two reasons:
- dongle was cracked
- technology of the dongle is too old (5 years old).
Since "Delok research lab." is the main worldwide distributor of company "Multi-box team", change of Delok dongles for Multi-box will be possibly carried out. So we would like to make polling and learn your oppinion about next questions: "Does it make sense to change old dongles for Multi-box( If yes, how do you see this process of change?" Probably you have some wishes and proposals about this topic. We will be very gratefull to you for help and advice.
For information we bring you the brief description of Multi-box:
- specialization IN Philips, Sendo, Maxon - these are the models which were available for users of Delok dongles
and here are functions available only in "Multi-box"
- specialization IN Alcatel phones (OH series), Siemens (based on Philips platform)
- posiibility to work both through TAT mode (without soldering, using phone connector) and through Bootstrap mode (soldering to pcb)
- works on high speeds (1 Mb/sec)
- Sendo JTAG (possibility to restore dead Sendo with erased boot)
- built-in Uni-box (possibility to work with all phone brands)
- possibility to work as CLIP
- in the nearest time support for VK and LG will be added and in future many others worldwide brands.
Discussion is held in the given topics.
Let's go!
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