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Aug 15, 2011
Open chargeback on PayPal Silently.

Server username: edy2002gha
Name: edy gha
Registered email:
WhatsApp / Viber: +1 (514) 243-6799, +15142436799
Telegram: +1 (514) 243-6799, +15142436799
ICQ: 144890331
Skype: edy2002gha
State: Quebec, MONTREAL, H7W 3Y5
Country: Canada
Scammer PayPal ID:

PP-D-76233142Item not receivedNeed buyer response$52.50 USD14 Jul 202014 Jul 2020

CASE: He made a payment on IMEI Source by PayPal on 7/14/2020, 6:06 PM, and open a PayPal case on 7/14/2020, 7:38 PM, later open a ticket 7/14/2020, 8:12 PM. Now people will judge for the case. Please review our terms and conditions and you will find our transparent refund policy.
Note: Who are you? You are a new client. Yes, our server is fully automation but only for legit customers are allowed auto-add funds. So we need at least 24 hours to verify your payment. Did you give us a minimum or enough time? Does your family give these ethics?

Scammer Login Hostry
Login From Login Time IP Address
edy2002gha07/14/2020 23:03166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/14/2020 18:30166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/12/2020 10:43166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/02/2020 21:01166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/02/2020 18:41166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/02/2020 17:07166.48.192.47
edy2002gha07/01/2020 23:02166.48.192.47
edy2002gha06/25/2020 19:39166.48.192.47
edy2002gha06/25/2020 19:37166.48.192.47
edy2002gha05/18/2020 01:14166.48.192.47
edy2002gha04/12/2020 19:54166.48.192.47
edy2002gha03/18/2020 04:11138.229.25.229
edy2002gha03/15/2020 11:26138.229.25.229
edy2002gha03/14/2020 10:50138.229.25.229
edy2002gha11/11/2018 11:44162.222.80.138
Edy2002gha11/10/2018 23:44162.222.80.138
edy2002gha11/10/2018 22:40162.222.80.138
edy2002gha11/09/2018 11:27142.112.120.14
Edy2002gha@hotmail.com09/03/2018 09:40162.222.80.137
edy2002gha08/31/2018 17:21184.151.112.104
Beware From this scammer. This cheater always makes payment and chargeback after 1 hour.

This thread will be permanently moved to the listed cheater section after 15 days if no response from edy gha.
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