Vasili, Vasily, Vasilii or Vasiliy (Russian: Василий) is a Russian masculine given name of Greek origin and corresponds to Basil. It may refer to:

Vasili I of Moscow Grand Prince from 1389–1425
Vasili II of Moscow Grand Prince from 1425–1462
Vasili III of Russia Tsar from 1505–1533
Vasili IV of Russia Tsar from 1606–1610
Basil Fool for Christ (1469–1557), also known as Saint Basil, or Vasily Blazhenny
Vasily Alekseyev (1942–2011), Soviet weightlifter
Vasily Arkhipov (vice admiral) (1926–1998), Soviet Navy officer in the Cuban missile crisis
Vasily Boldyrev (1875–1933), Russian general
Vasily Chapayev (1887–1919), Russian Army commander
Vasily Chuikov (1900–1982), Soviet marschal
Vasily Degtyaryov (1880–1949), Russian weapons designer and Major General
Vasily Dzhugashvili (1921–1962), Stalin's son
Vasili Golovachov (born 1948), Russian science fiction author
Vasily Grossman (1905–1964), Soviet writer and journalist
Vasily Ignatenko (1961–1986), Soviet firefighter in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster
Vasyl Ivanchuk (born 1969), Ukrainian chess grandmaster
Wassily Kandinsky (Vasily Kandinsky; 1866–1944), Russian painter and art theorist.
Vasily Karatygin (1802–1880), Russian actor
Vasily Livanov (born 1935), Russian actor and screenwriter
Vasily Lobanov (born 1947), Russian composer and pianist
Vasyl Lomachenko (Vasily Lomachenko; born 1988), Ukrainian boxer
Vasily Nezabitovsky (1824–1883), Ukrainian jurist
Vasily Petrenko (born 1976), Russian conductor
Vasily Seseman (1884–1963), Russian and Lithuanian philosopher
Vasily Smyslov (1921–2010), Soviet chess player
Vasily Tsibliyev (born 1954), Russian cosmonaut
Vasily Zaytsev, Soviet sniper
Vasily Zhdanov (born 1963), Soviet cyclistFictional charactersVasilii, a character from the Twilight book and film series

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