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    AxeBox : HTC ( Omap850 )One Click IMEI Repair Tool By USB Cable

    HTC ( Omap850 ) One Click IMEI Repair Tool By USB Cable What's New - Added One Click IMEI Repair - Added Omap850 Simlock Code Reader - Fixed Omap850 Direct Unlock Bug - Fixed GoldCard Bug > READY > BoxSerial: 4C6B7EDA > Detected: HTC Elf/Elfin > Beginning SIM Unlock >...
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    AxeBox GoldCard For Omap850 Base Devices

    Added GOLDCARD For Omap850 Base Devices - Repair Briked Phones - Update / Downgrade Fimware - Repair SPL Area Damage By Wrong Flash - Repair Stuck on ( HTC ) Startup boot. How to Make Gold Card How to make One Click GoldCard By Using AxeBox [INSTRUCTIONS] What's New Excalibur Detection...