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    ::.::congratulation! to our team leader '...:::nerobdms:::...' Happy Birthday:: .::

    ::.::congratulation! to our team leader '...:::nerobdms:::...' Happy Birthday:: .::
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    ::.::congratulation! to our team leader '...:::nerobdms:::...' Happy Birthday:: .::

    Wish You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day
  3. Jinda

    *Own tested & exclusive china flash file by ...:::nerobdms:::...

    I create this thread only own tested & exclusive china flash file, those files are not copy paste other site or collection from third party person! so hope you enjoy in this thread. if you like this thread or any post just press thanks button otherwise no need! Green_M909_2Sim_torch...
  4. Jinda

    Nktel C3000 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU Flash File by ...:::nerobdms:::...

    Nktel_C3000 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU spiderman cpf_box Supported
  5. Jinda

    Nokia 3110c Easy Mic Jumper 1000% Worked by nerobdms

    Many member suffering for the "low voice" of 3110c mic Jumper. I made a easy solution of this problem. If anyone has this problem,,,,,pls apply this solution & post the result. Enjoy it............
  6. Jinda

    Nktel A200 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU Flash File by nerobdms

    Nktel_A200 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU 2 torch light, 2sim Download
  7. Jinda

    New Green_M909_2Sim_ Flash file by nerobdms

    File name: MTK_ROMINFO_v04M909_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.M909V10_ 08_12_V1_0T04D091120.BIN Spiderman & CPF Box supported
  8. Jinda

    C975 white screen Problem solved 100% by nerobdms

  9. Jinda

    3110c Charging solution Final*by nerobdms

    3110c Charging solution All as different view* Try Step by step
  10. Jinda

    7610 keypad Solution Final_by nerobdms

    7610 keypad Solution Final 1st follow 7610_keypad_1 7610 keyboard ic ways 7610 keyboard Plate ways 7610 keypad jumper
  11. Jinda

    BB5 PCB IC location preview*by nerobdms

  12. Jinda

    N95 insert simcard Final* solution by nerobdms

    1st check it 2nd follow it not ok then re-ball AVILMA IC.
  13. Jinda

    5220xm all Solution by nerobdms

    5220xm MMC Solution