The Teledyne CAE J700 is a small turbojet engine designed to power unmanned air vehicles such as missiles. It was developed for and powers the ADM-141C ITALD air-launched decoy missile.

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  1. Farigu

    successfully flash samsuna j700 by nespor

  2. N

    j700 unlock

    Selected model -> J700 Connect phone and power on Phone Detected Send loader1 Loader1 - ok ARM version 3721 Loader2 - ok Phone IMEI -> 35969302464073 Phone SOFTWARE -> J700DXHC3 Langpack-> Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam Phone HW -> MP 0.300 Phone BT ADDR -> 0023-D6-C96D8D...
  3. A

    Samsung J700 Tested Flash File...