Inside Man is a 2006 American heist thriller film directed by Spike Lee and written by Russell Gewirtz. It centers on an elaborate bank heist on Wall Street over a 24-hour period. The film stars Denzel Washington as Detective Keith Frazier, the NYPD's hostage negotiator, Clive Owen as Dalton Russell, the mastermind who orchestrates the heist, and Jodie Foster as Madeleine White, a Manhattan power broker who becomes involved at the request of the bank's founder, Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), to keep something in his safe deposit box protected from the robbers.
Gewirtz spent five years developing the premise before working on what became his first original screenplay. After he completed the script in 2002, Imagine Entertainment purchased it to be made by Universal Pictures, with the former company's co-founder Ron Howard attached to direct. After Howard stepped down, his Imagine partner Brian Grazer began looking for a new director for the project and ultimately hired Lee. Principal photography began in June 2005 and concluded in August; filming took place on location in New York City. Inside Man premiered in New York on March 20, 2006, before being released in the United States on March 24, 2006. It received positive reviews from critics and earned $184.4 million worldwide against its $45 million production budget.

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    Z3X Easy-JTAG Update. v. New phones, function added, information inside

    Easy-JTAG: Update. Lot of changes: DIRECT EMMC core changes: - improved: BETTER LOG, FIXED SOME VTU00M REPAIR STABILITY, - fixed: SOME EMMC Volt IO LEVEL BUGS - devided: format Samsung EMMC function devided to: format and remove write protect , for users who dont want format...
  2. J

    DC Unlocker v.. 1168 Unlock ZTE 890L, 891L, Pocket WiFi 303ZT & more inside

    Added unlock support: Modems: Huawei E3236 Routers: Pocket WiFi 303ZT ZTE 890L ZTE 891L ZTE MF923 ZTE MTS 831FT Embedded modules: Dell DW5550 (ZTE) Unlock tutorials: ZTE 890L,891L unlock tutorial ZTE MF975, Pocket Wifi 305ZT, 303ZT unlock tutorial Download DC Unlocker here ...
  3. B

    Z3X-Easy-JTAG Update New phones added. Look inside

    Easy-JTAG Released. New phones added: Daily updates started :( Phones added via JTAG interface: - support Samsung GT-S6810P (Read/Write/OneClick boot repair) - support Samsung GT-I5503 (Read/Write/OneClick boot repair) thanks to kopito - support Samsung GT-I8550L...
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    Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. V17.8 - check inside

    Samsung Update 17.8 Log of changes. Main - we have released new ONLY USB algo for unlock most of new qualcomm phones 4.3 and 4.4.2 android version: i337,i337m,i747,i747m,i9190,i535,i9192,i9200,i9305 ,i9505,M919m,m919 and all others. No more problem like MSL-error. New phones added...
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    Easy-JTAG daily Update. big update inside ;)

    Easy-JTAG daily Update. Added via JTAG connection: - support Cherry mobile Rave (Read/Write) - support Cherry mobile BURST (Read/Write) - support Cherry mobile FLARE2 (Read/Write) - support Huawei Y300-0100 (Read/Write/One click boot repair) - thnx to Reza - support Alkatel...
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    GB-KEY V1.63 - World First Features...Check Inside !!!

    Alcatel POP C7 Direct Unlock/Reset Counters HUAWEI y220 Direct Unlock/Reset Counters ☢ GB-Key ver. 1.63 ☢ Released World First Again NON-STOP UPDATES ◤ -------- ◥ What's New ? ◣ -------- ◢...
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    How to install ADB USB driver in window 7 see inside

    How to install ADB USB driver in window 7 use this method also in window xp,if any driver not install Google USB Driver Rev 7 ( ADB driver ) inside three dll file driver 1-WdfCoInstaller01009.dll 2-winusbcoinstaller2.dll 3-WUDFUpdate_01009.dll Ream More...
  8. S

    Miracle Box 1.71 Nokia 108 & Small Gift Inside *** Happy New Year to ALL USER ***

    MIRACLE BOX Truly for China Mobile Complete Solution Wednesday - 1st January 2014 Ver : 1.71 Whats New: * ADD NOKIA 108 * Android Modify ADB ROOT Support for more mobile * COOLSAND Modify some bugs. Miracle Box 1.71 Update Discussion Happy New Year Gift for Miracle...
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    ORT JTAG - New Model : Samsung Galaxy S3 [ SGH- I747 / I747M ] and more inside

    ORT - JTAG UPDATE [23 December 2013] Description : Samsung SGH-I747 Repair Boot Supported Samsung SGH-I747M Repair Boot Supported Release Notes and Files: Samsung_SGH_I747.dll Samsung_SGH_I747M.dll Repair Dead Boot Repairing Samsung SGH-I747 Connect Battery...
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    SigmaKey Software v1.31.05 is out. Check details inside.

    SigmaKey Software v1.31.05 released! With this release we have implemented new features into Sigma Software and have added new phone models/firmwares to the list of supported More info and discussion are HERE. Download Sigma Software v1.31.05 Best Regards
  11. IMEI Source

    RDA 8851CL Supported [Read Info + Read Firmware] Picture Inside

    RDA 8851CL Supported [Read Info + Read Firmware] Picture Inside Please Hold the Power key... tip:Before the 1.62 Firmware Unsupport Coolsand Pinfind... Please Set pinout!!!... >>> Connecting Mobile... Mobile Connection Success... >>> Reading Mobile information... >>>...
  12. IMEI Source

    ID: NAND_SamSungMT29C4G48MAZAPAKD Non risk to Format!! [GsmAladynKey] Picture Inside!

    NAND_SamSungMT29C4G48MAZAPAKD >>> USB Pinfind No need Hold Mobile Power key... >>> Scanning Mobile USB Port... >>> Detecting COM PortCOM4 >>> Connecting Mobile... Mobile Connection Success... Mobile Firmware Version:SPRD3 >>>...
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    Samsung rokea-5830 china touchscreen problem[backup inside]

  14. R

    nokia 700 off inside sim without sim ok pls help

    nokia 700 off inside sim without sim ok pls help
  15. J

    iOS 7.0.2 RELEASE (DL links inside)

    iPad (4th generation CDMA) iPad (4th generation GSM) iPad (4th generation WiFi) iPad mini (CDMA) iPad mini (GSM) iPad mini (WiFi) iPad 3 Wi-Fi (3rd generation) iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for ATT) iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for Verizon) iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) iPad 2 Wi-Fi iPad 2...
  16. nuruzzamanvai

    Samsung Tool 15.5 Update - First in the world. Look inside

    Samsung Tool 15.5 second weekly Update again - First in the world. New models Added: - full support GT-i9295 Galaxy S4 Active (SAFE Direct Unlock & SAFE OneClick Imei repair*, flashing) - full support SGH-i527 Galaxy Mega 6.3 (Read codes, SAFE Direct Unlock & SAFE OneClick Imei...
  17. J

    Z3X-BOX Samsung 15.2 Daily update started. Info inside

    Samsung Tool 15.2 First in the world. We hope z3x users will be happy if we will give update daily or at least few times in week. Lets start from today Added: - full support GT-E1200L (direct code reading/unlock/imei repair/flashing) - first in the world - full support GT-E1202L...
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    ORT JTAG - Samsung GT-I9300 / Galaxy S3 Repair Boot / and BP1 Repair added inside

    ORT - JTAG UPDATE [28 JUN 2012] Description : Samsung GT-I9300 / Galaxy S3 Repair Dead Boot Samsung GT-I9100 Repair Dead Boot / BP1 Repair added Samsung GT-N7000 Repair Dead Boot / BP1 Repair added Samsung GT-I9220 Repair Dead Boot / BP1 Repair added Special Thanks to : YaSSaX Release...
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    Z3X-Box Samsung. TOP SECRET Update. v.15.1. New 2sec solution inside

    Samsung Tool 15.1 Update. First in the world and exclusive. All time we try to improve our solutions and we offer first in the word update. Lets start from list of new added phones: Added: - support GT-i9305T (direct unlock, imei repar, flashing) - support GT-S5280 (direct unlock, read...
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    SigmaKey Software v1.27.01 is out! For more details check inside

    SigmaKey Software v1.27.01 released! With this version of Sigma was added support for new ZTE hotspot devices and made some other improvements. More info and discussion are HERE. Download Sigma Software v1.27.01 Best Regards GSMServer team