The Samsung SGH-i900, also known as Omnia I or WiTu (in Russia only), is a smartphone created by Samsung Mobile. Announced in June 2008, the Omnia was launched in Singapore in mid-June, available in stores on the 20th of June, and in the rest of Asia in July. For some parts of Europe, it was launched in August. The American version launched in December 2008 through Verizon Wireless while the Canadian version launched in April 2009 through Telus Mobility.
The Omnia was Samsung Mobile's top-of-the-line flagship handset. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, but comes other applications preinstalled to make its GUI and its functions distinguishable from others running the same platform:

Samsung Today Screen 1 (alternative home screen UI)
Samsung Today Screen 2 (similar to Samsung Today Screen 1)
Samsung Touch Wiz UI (alternative application menu with a widget bar and widgets)All these applications have the ability to be controlled by sliding the finger across the screen. The third Today Screen has gained interest because of its control method. It uses about a fourth of the screen on the left side to hold a bar of widgets that can be scrolled up and down. The rest of the screen is customizable, as widgets can be pulled out of the sidebar and onto the main screen to be expanded for quick use.

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  1. C

    samsung i900 hang on logo

    samsung i900 hang on logo.any solution please
  2. V

    Samsung i900 Omnia Hard Reset Solution videos chick link Samsung Omnia (I900) Hard Reset - YouTube
  3. U

    Help me i900 align screen problem

    Help me i900 align screen problem when i full reset by dialing *2767*3855# set restart then i face this problem align screen Tap the target firmly and accurately at each location on the screen the target will continue to move until the screen is aligned. please any idea.........
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    JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG Samsung i900... Full Support

    GPGINDUSTRIES Download Section for all BOXES GPGINDUSTRIES JTAGPRO OFFICIAL Download Section We Will Not Rest
  5. rajeshchiyyan

    i900 english file

    1. install the soft 2. connect device into pc 3. turn off device 4. open the soft and turn on the device 5. soft detect the device and press start., 6. wait for process complete ., 100% tested on i900 (other language device & touch not working devices) i900DXHJ1.7zip.exe br.rajesh...
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    ***i900 jtag by dits ***

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    Samsung I900 Boot repair Tool Free

    Samsung I900 Boot repair Tool Free if ur I900 omnia turned to dead because of any software reason and now Your pc cant detect it Hang on omnia logo Ask for monohans driver Only red light powering on… not tested by me Download