The Samsung SGH-E250i mobile was introduced in 2009 as a dual band (900 and 1800 MHz) variant version of the tri band (900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) Samsung SGH-E250.
The official Samsung India site declares that the E250i is an "E250 relaunched with superior features" such as background music and advanced mobile tracker.The E250i has the same design as the E250 and very similar features like GPRS, EDGE, VGA camera, 2.0" display, Bluetooth, MP3 player and FM radio with recording. Another difference between E250i and E250 is that E250i has an 800 mAh battery instead of E250's 750 mAh.The maximum SAR value of the Samsung SGH-E250i is 0,951 W/Kg

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    Samsung E250I PA Jumper tested 100%

    Samsung E250I PA Jumper tested 100%
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    e250i short solution

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    e250i all solution

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