The true story of DavinciTeam, Nero and 4se project

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Sep 5, 2010
Nero was developed by Davinci team and marketed by Mr.Davor

The agreement was Davinci team will develop and Mr.Davor will take care of marketing/sales.
The product was launched with the features what was commited and the cards were handed over to davor without any payments. Activation of cards were done as and when he requested, all was normal till the team asked Davor their payments for the activations and the explaination from him was the money is not been collected from resellers.
Davinci team was not paid a single cent- not for development, not for sales, not even the cost of the blank cards which were used to protect this software and so the project was in jeopardy.
Davinci Team had 2 options either deactivate all or market it anew and which was till recently done as online activation with many satisfied customers.

EndUsers: Nero key did what it had promised and majority of the endusers were satisfied.
About resellers who still have few nero cards which are not activated or unsold: They havent paid for the activations as told by Mr.Davor, so they making loss doesnt arise, if there are few cases where money was paid and can be proven we can come to some solution.

About 4se:
4se projects pogrammer is darkmen and who markets its also - so no middle man involved which can create problems in the future.

4se team can commit this product has future and thats the reason we have few of the most trustable and reliable distrubutors/resellers whose past records says that they would never put their hands in something which doesnt have a future.
Futher more, the common link between nero and 4se is Darkmen and nothng more.

Davinci team: Pioneers who made online loggers for SE and most of the older guys in GSM know their existance since than.
Nero project was to have a clear future till Mr.Davor cheated them.

I rest my case here!!!
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