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Sep 5, 2010

Octoplus/Octopus Suite v1.1.1 is out!

Added support for:
Huawei E586, K3765!

Added additional support for:
Huawei E352, E355, E357, E368, E369!

Octoplus/Octopus Suite v1.1.1 Release Notes

  • Added support for the following models:
- Huawei E586 - added Direct Unlock, Read Unlock Codes, Calculate Unlock Codes.
- Huawei K3765 - added Direct Unlock, Read Unlock Codes, Read/Write/Repair NVM,
- Huawei K3765 - Calculate Unlock Codes, Write Firmware.
- Huawei E352 - added Direct Unlock, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
- Huawei E355 - added Direct Unlock, Read/Write NVM.
- Huawei E357 - added Direct Unlock, Read/Write NVM.
- Huawei E368 - added Direct Unlock, Read/Write NVM.
- Huawei E369 - added Direct Unlock, Read/Write NVM.​
  • Added Software manuals for supported phones.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.

Important! Note that Read Unlock Codes (Direct Unlock, Calculate Unlock Codes) for mentioned
above devices for owners of LG or Samsung activated Octopus Boxes, Octoplus Box or Medusa Box
owners is FREE.If you don't own Octoplus/Octopus Box or Medusa Box, you'll have to pay
1 credit per one code.

Octoplus - the best there is with the most important updates only!

Dear users, as you already have noticed, Octopus and Octoplus software are compatible with each
other. Thus, we've decided to merge Octopus and Octoplus Suite programs in order to reduce the number
of software and avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Owners of mentioned above boxes should
use the same installer. Also all Octopus Box owners can use Octoplus Shell software with all its
servicing features.

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