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Mar 6, 2013
How to get Bootloader 01.0a and fastboot on Motorola Defy Mini XT320/XT321 SBF:

1. Download the attachments below.
2. Extract all the zip files
3. Open Motorola Android Depacker and select the button 'Open From file' and select the SBF file for your phone and open it.
4. Click on the button 'Split to folder' to split your desired SBF file.
5. Now select the button 'Open from File' and change the selection of file type to 'MOTOBLUR mbn image (*CG2.smg)' go to the folder called nameofsbf-extracted which contains CG2.smg and open it.

NOTE: nameofsbf-extracted this means the name of the SBF file with the word extracted at the end. Here's an example: TNBST_4_0A.1F.0ERPS_flex_WE_Orange_Spain-extracted

6. Now go to the folder CG2-Extracted to and replace the files with the one from the 2nd attachment.
7. Now go to Motorola Android Depacker and select 'Open Files Folder' and select the folder named CG2-Extracted.
8. Select 'compile file' and it should be place in a folder named rebuilt
9. Now copy the custom CG2.smg to folder with the files named 'firmware.hmg' and 'RAMDLD.smg'
10. Now open SBF Recalc and select the button 'Open CG-Folder' and select where CG2.smg, firmware.hmg and RAMDLD.smg are.
11. Now select 'Create SBF-File' and wait for a moment. Now wait a moment and your custom SBF file will be created.
12. Your SBF is now ready to be flashed with RSD-Lite.


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