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Aug 31, 2010
Multi-ATF Box Flashing
Now you can use more than 1 ATF Box on 1 PC
The Number of Boxes is limited only with PC’s Resources/Performance
So it is possible to connect 10, 20, 100 etc… Boxes if your PC can handle it
** We Strongly Suggest you should use a USB HUB with an External
** Power Adapter with about 2A or more Power to give.
** Check out for the 10 Port USB we have tested

[CNT Flashing S40 Fixed]
Missing Calculator, Themes and Other CNT Apps for S40 phones
are now fixed. We have tested 6300 and 3110c Phones.
In USB Flashing Mode, you can Force 128K CNT for DEAD USB Mode.
Only use this option if something is missing inside the Phone
after flashing. Otherwise, leave this option unchecked.

[User.ini Handling Fixed]

Files that cannot be found inside the default paths are now
accessible when saved inside the User.ini.
User selected files are saved inside User.ini and WILL NOT BE
overwritten with new installations above 5.60.

[GUI USB Disabled Fixed]

After selecting DCT4 and going back to BB5, the USB option is
again enabled.
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