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answer: Solution of identify nokia phone shorting

check shorting in nokia c3...and some usefull info about nokia new ics...

1...remove the n2301 ic mark in (1) is the light ic got +b ....(this ic is same as nokia 1600 light ic.)

2...remove the coil l2814 mark in (2) check the shorting cause by n2801 ic..its the ringer ic ...(this ic is same as nokia 1600 ringer ic.)

3...remove the ic n2000 mark in (3) is headset ic...this ic got +b ..(this ic is same as nokia 7210 headset ic.)

4...remove the ic n6300 mark in (4) is bluetooth,fm,wifi ic...this ic got +b....

5...remove the ic n7500 mark in (5) is pf in built with rf ic....this ic also got +b ... end remove ic n2001 (loviisa) is power ic of the handset ...

all the component which are mark in pink colur these all are coils and resistance these are place in series and +b of batery is gone throw them so if u remove the coil u not have to remove ic to check the shorting in pcb it save time and ur ic ....

changes made by nokia in this handset... use the old light ic as use in nokia 1600... use the old ringer ic as use in nokia 1600... this handset the nokia change the memorycard ic ..this ic does not got +b is directly connected with cpu(juno)..and power ic loviisa made volt (vamp2) for it..

4..volt for camera also make by loviisa(power)..

5..speaker,mic & vibration connected with juno(cpu)..

6..sim is also connected with juno(cpu)

nokia introduce two new ic .loviisa and juno ....

function handel by loviisa and some usefull info about it ...

1..n2201 (loviisa) is the power ic of the handset..

2..loviisa make the volt for whole ics in the pcb ex,

vcore & vmem for cpu and flash..

vsim for sim..

vcam for camera..

vamp2 for memorycard..

volt for rf parts..

3..charging and usb interface is also connected with loviisa ...

4..power on/off key is also connected with it..

function handel by juno (brodcomm) and some usefull info about it ...

1..juno is is the cpu of the handset but it also controls the other function of the handset...

2..juno is directly connected with sim ,memorycard,camera ic ,speaker ,mic,vibration ,etc...

3..lcd and keypad are also connected with juno..

4..rf section is also connected with juno...

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